Different Ansul fire systems we offer

Ansul fire systems manufacture and offer wide variety of products that are related to fire protection and protections services which include fire suppression systems, extinguishers, hand portable fire protection equipments such as the common hand held fire extinguisher manufactured by ansul that many clients are familiar with and industrial products. Our products range from portable fire extinguishers to build in fire systems that go under different trade names. The products from Ansul manufactures have different categories for a wide option for the consumer choose from this gives a consumer to select products that are suitable for their working environments such as offices, industries and restaurants. Our consumers range from scale consumers such as home appliances, office, small sized restaurants to large organizations such as heavy industries such as steel manufacturing ,the motor industry, large restaurants ,military and government institutions.

Products are high quality and flexible. We offer restaurant fire suppression equipments .The R-102 fire suppression system that comes in two main design options which include the appliance specific designed to suit the consumer needs. Itís the most effient fire protection since nozzles are aimed at a specific hazard area on each appliance hence reducing the amount of liquid used itís economic in nature. When simplicity and flexibly are of dire need overlapping type of fire suppression extinguisher where nozzles are placed in on strait line realizing the liquid alternatively. We offer high quality portable fire products that enable the consumer to effectively fight fire in probably the shortest time as possible. They come in many categories which cater for different consumer groups due to the varying needs of the consumers depending on the environments they are operating in. Products in this category are red line cartridge operated fire extinguisher that are most preferred in fighting fires in high risk industries. Also another type of red line portable extinguisher is the wheeled extinguisher .the sentry portables fire equipment is an economical and high performance fire extinguisher used in stores office buildings and institutional hallways. The k-guard is a liquid fire suppressant which quickly knocks down flames and cools the surrounding areas.

Another large area where ansul system is highly applied is the in the industrial settings where ansul system use dry chemicals to provide flexible fire extinguishing options in manufacturing industries. This systems used provide automatic and flexible operations in dealing with industrial fires a good example in this category is the I-101 industrial fire suppression system that is flexible and economically viable option which have pre-engineered for industrial hazards like dip tanks and flammable liquid storage. Lastly we offer vehicle systems that has been designed specifically to aid mobility of the device which are used in a wide range of vehicles ranging from small vehicles systems to large trailers. Also in this category we have the non road equipments such as underground mining equipments. This systems help in protecting equipments in motion and they can be used in a wide range of areas as mentioned above.

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