Different fire extinguisher systems

Are you upset by installing failing fire extinguishers in your home business or apartment? You have the answer right now rexfireinc.com has the best fire extinguisher system that can give you peace of mind at any given time. Aqueous Film Forming Foam is the best known foam fire extinguisher you can ever have, its portable and very effective especially in households where fire is caused by combustion of solids such as paper, wood, and textile and also suitable for flammable or combustible liquids like gasoline, grease, oil, and solvents. It can also put fires off on electrical equipments but there is the possibility of corrosion making these equipments unusable.

One of the major advantage of using Aqueous Film Forming Foam as a fire extinguishing system is that It has high viscosity therefore spreading very quickly and cover the flaming fire and seals off any supply of oxygen to the fire; due to this the combustion stops and the fore goes off. At times it has been recognized as the foam blanket since it covers the whole stretch of fire easily. Another advantage is that it allows temperatures to cool very fast since the water contained in the foam evaporates quickly therefore maintaining the temperatures back to normal after a short period of time.

The red canister make this type of fire extinguishing system notable to many people, also you can be indentified by a cream panel placed on top of the how to use instructions, the new canister that have been introduced tin the market is light making easy to use at house hold level. Even though this type of fire fighting method is recommended for Class A and B fires meaning perfect to put out both solid and liquid burning fires and not designed for electrical fires, the Aqueous Film Forming Foam fire extinguisher have a conductivity rating of 35KV which means it is resistant to electricity that is why it is safe to use near live electrical fires. It is still best to use a CO2 extinguishing agent to stop fires caused by electrical appliances, circuit breakers, switches and the like.

Los Angeles Fire Extinguisher authority requires every fire extinguisher to go through an annual basic inspection in order to check the weight and with the help of a special tool check if it has the correct pressure as well. The canister is also examined for any sign of damage and corrosion while all mechanisms are tested to ensure that they are all in good working order and the legibility of the labels is also inspected. A more detailed inspection is made every 5 years that includes a test discharge and recharging of the extinguisher as it is the only way to know if there is internal damage or corrosion.

Since fighting fires is dangerous mission its good to have proper precaution in place to avoid any injury or damage resulting from it. Our code and ethic promote safe fire fighting program that educates and helps people in homes, businesses or any other premises that attract fire on the basic fire fighting techniques, how to handle fire fighting process and how to keep your equipment ready for action if called to do so. If you have the right equipment and have the knowledge to use it, you can easily contain fires that are just starting out. We have support team which is alert 24/7 please feel free to contact us incase of any fire fighting issues.

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