Different fire extinguishing systems?

Have you ever asked why there are different fire extinguishing systems? Rexfireinc.com is out to help you fight fire with the right tools and escape the shame and menace that may be caused by use of inappropriate set of tools. In Los Angeles fire extinguishing field we use the two common types of fire extinguishers i.e. water fire extinguisher and the foam fire extinguisher. It has been reported from many household of how people have caused serious damages due to use of in appropriate extinguisher.

Our mission always is to keep you safe from fire menace and help you keep safety fire precaution at any given place. We have a statement we always introduce to all those who come across our services “Always be prepared, have the right fire fighting equipment and employ safe fire fighting procedure.” One important lesson you should learn is; there are different classes of fire,
i) Class A fires which originates from combustible materials like paper, wood, and clothing; when fighting fire at this class water fire extinguisher is the best appropriate to use.
ii) Class B fires which are due to flammable liquids like gasoline, kerosene, oil, and paint as it would only make it more uncontrollable. Foam fire extinguisher is the best suit foe this class but can also be used to fight class A fires. But because its causes corrosion on electrical appliance it’s not appropriate to use for fire cause by electrical appliances.

Dry chemical extinguisher is perfectly appropriate for flammable and combustible liquids and even with electric fires but does not cover all of Class A fire origins.

Since fire originates from different sources it also wise to have appropriate fire extinguishers in place to fight fire of all classes;
• It is advisable to get a combination of fire extinguishers at home to cover any eventuality safely.
• To be safe on all sides it would then be just perfect to get both a wet chemical extinguisher and a CO2 fire extinguisher to cover combustible solids and liquids as well as live electrical fires.
• To cater for small house hold fires originating from flammable or combustible organic solids as well as liquids and at the same time you can put out fires on electrical appliances a combination of a CO2 extinguisher and a foam fire extinguisher is just perfect.
• To take care of your children and other family friends who may not understand the use of chemical extinguishing agents use in your home you can get is a water fire extinguisher for Class A fires and a fire blanket for kitchen fires. The only thing is you do not have the proper tool for extinguishing live electrical fires which is also a common household cause of alarm. The best way solution for this is prevention and that you can do by having your electrical wirings, outlets, and connections regular checked and hope for the best.

Its of no use to have all this fire fighting tools in your home, business premises or laboratory if you do not know how to use them that why we at rexfireinc.co ensure we educate all people who come to us how to use different fire extinguishing systems, this enables you will be able fight any fire with courage before it causes damage to your property, also we encourage all those who need to attend a fire protectioncourse to visit los Angeles fire extinguishing company for more information contact us if you have any inquiry about fire fighting operations or in need of a fire extinguisher.

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