How to contain different fire sources using hood system?

In the recent past there has been growth in restaurants and hotels ranging from fast chain food restaurant to large organizations for commercial purpose. They has been increased risk of fire break out due to the type of electrical appliances that commercial cooking use hence the increased need to have a means and effective way of controlling any fire that may accidentally occur. Letís looks at what are the most likely causes of fire within commercial cooking areas technological advancements has led to the innovations and improvisation of high efficiency cooking appliances and reduced use of cooking oil. This has led to increased risks of fires which are difficult to exhaust using fire fighting equipments such as hoods and fire extinguishes.

Restaurants operate for long hours at times at a twenty four hour cycle without change of the type of electrical appliance they are using the are all ways some crowds that are usually at certain parts of the restaurants for example in staff preparing food and this may lead to an accident hence sparking fire .they are also all elements of fore elements in the kitchens such cooking oils and grease. Apart from that oxygen which is support combustion is available in the restaurant.

Having seen various factors that may increase the chances of causing fire in restaurants there are certain conditions that we should always check to prevent fire fro occurring which include. Fire Safety Rules restaurants use cooking appliances which require attention to power safety .this includes charging fire extinguishers; fire suppression features in ventilation systems and display the tags that show when the service was done. Ventilation systems should be cleaned occasionally with the aid of an expert. There should also be temperature control equipment so that to sound an alarm when the is an incidentally a sharp increase of temperature .this will highly protect and help in surprising the fire when the fire breaks out by using equipments such hoods.

Since they are a number of issues that cause fire restaurants such as smoke, grease particles, vapor and combustion products there is a need to have an equipment to contain and capture fire incidents due to the damages and expenses to be covered in terms of insurances cover. An exhaustion Hood Systemwill be able to solve this problem though this will de determined by various factors such as the type of energy used and the use of equipment below the cooking hood, the style and geometry of the hood itself, position of the cooing appliance below the hood and how the make up air is introduced to the kitchen. Different design hood differs from one company manufacturing hoods to another but the main design issue for Restaurant hood systems is that the ability of the hood to capture and contain grease laden cooking vapors, convective heat and other products of cooking processes.

In conclusion we have looked at various environments that facilitate fires in restaurants which are availability of oxygen from various sources, high technology cooking appliances that are being developed to the use long hours of operation to what measures that should be taken to prevent fire occurrences .it advisable you purchase the correct Restaurant hood systems that meets your needs as we have seen in the design issues such energy source ,where to place the hood in terms of position and style and geometry of the hood it self

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