Why itís important to do fire extinguisher services?

For effective and high performance of a fire extinguisher, maintain and proper service are essential here at www.rexfireinc.com we offer superb and excellent services to ensure your fire extinguisher does not fail you in the eleventh hour when it mostly needed. This will effectively reduce the damage caused to your business or injuries to staff or employees.

Having fire extinguishers being serviced ensures that they are functioning well during emergencies. As consumer you ought to know what type of particular type of fire extinguisher is installed in your premises such as buildings and where they are located? Hence it important we highlight a few types of fire extinguishers that are available and what they are exactly used for. They include following categories that will suit well to the type of environment that is required they include water and fire extinguisher which are mostly used for class A fires, foam fire extinguishers used for both class A and B fires, foam spray extinguishers are not recommended for fires involving electricity. We also have dry powder fire extinguisher which efficiently extinguishes class C gas fires lastly we have carbon dioxide fire extinguishers applicable in extinguishing fires involving electronic apparatus; .for metal fires wet chemical extinguishers are used. Color coding is also used to identify which type of extinguisher is used for example
  • water extinguishers are red,
  • cream for foam,
  • dry powder extinguishers have a blue code
  • Carbon dioxide has a black code.
    We offer seasonal and annual fire extinguishers especially six months after each fire extinguisher sale is made; as we offer after sale service, this ensure that you as consumer can have confidence in various areas that there equipment is properly located and easily accessible this is due to the fact that portable fire extinguishers may be replaced, for example; in public institutions such as schools where students may interfere with their location. Serviced fire extinguishers are fully charged and ready to use. Fire extinguishers are agents and are checked to ensure that they are not expired from the day of fire extinguisher sale, refilling is done and agentís levels are checked. Compliance with national and local requirement is done to ensure consistency with fire regulations act which instructs there should be inspections every six months. Apart from the above mentioned reasons documentation data is made that is stored in our well innovative fire extinguisher service system for adequate reference and record keeping.

    At www.rexfireinc.com we offer the following fire extinguisher services which include visual inspections of all extinguishers on site to ensure that they are well located in the premise or organization, hydrostatic fire extinguisher and maintained dates for effective recording, weighing of fire extinguishers to measure if there are adequate detergents or to establish if there is any linkage of agents, visual inspection of pressure gauges to ensure gas fire extinguishers have adequate gas ,removal of tampered with safety pins and replacing them with new pull pins especially in public organizations which involve children. Cleaning and re handing is done of all extinguishers to remove materials that may have interfered with the nozzles and lastly as part of our service we review all extinguisher placements, sizes and type making the necessary recommendations to the organization.

    For great fire extinguishers sales and services visit our stores for high quality services from our team of staff who has the expertise in their field.

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